Month: June 2014

Polish Economy – Ongoing Growth

The Polish economy has been described as one of the most productive economies in The european union. Poland continues to grow, despite the difficult history it had. Two centuries ago, this great country was divided between Russia, Austro-Hungaria and Prussia. Poland stopped functioning as a democratic country.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Poland was reassembled and democracy was reinstated once again. It was very hard to govern the nation which was divided up for so long. Nazi Germany and Soviet Union divided Poland once again, and in the meantime it had to withstand a dictatorship.


Poland had to wait 1989 to turn things around and until then the Polish people had to go through great challenges. Anyone who is considering doing business with or in Poland ought to understand that it has the quickest growing economy in Europe with a 4% economic growth annually.

The long lasting and fast economic growth increased the living conditions of Polish people drastically. When economic experts discuss Poland economic growth, they mainly credit it to a set of reforms that have been put in place starting at the beginning of the ‘90’s. Among many reforms implemented, total economic liberalization was the most significant one. Polish GDP grew as did all sectors of the economic system, due to the diversified economic system.

This unprecedented development has seen a lot of investment in Poland. Why Emerging Europe doing business in Poland and a lot of businesses are searching for a great chance in this country. The EU has been pumping in funds because it has lots of faith in the economic expansion of Poland, and these financial resources are fueling further economic progress. The forecasts for the Polish economic growth in the first three months of 2014 were incorrect, the exact Gross domestic product was higher than expected. It is expected that this growth will continue and therefore Poland is going to be one of the more prosperous countries in whole European union.